Kosmik Shipibo Pants



The Kosmik Shipibo pants  are made in the light weight organic cotton lycra and feature full print graphics inspired by the Shipibo tribe’s ayahuasca influenced embroidery.  They are form fitting  at the hips and thighs, loosen up at the knee , and gradually bell out towards the bottom hem.  The light weight fabric makes these perfect for indoor dance sessions as well as the outdoor daytime events.  They have a small inside pocket too.  Experience your energy magnified by the vibrations of these patterns in your dance of life.

To learn more about the geometric patterns of the Shipibo, look up articles on ayahuasca.com  ayahuascaretreat.com  www.dataisnature.com

  Available in a few color combinations.   Sizes XS,  S,  M,  L



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