Gypsy tie up pants

These 3/4 length pants have a super relaxed fit.   They are similar to the Thai fisherman pants in regards to having an expanded waist line of material that folds over across the body.  Then the straps starting in the back  wrap around to the front and  are tied to create a belt.  The waistline material is then folded over the straps and tucked under the strap to secure the waist.  There’s plenty of room for all degrees of movement in these.   They now come with no front pocket but there is one back pocket that zips to secure your goods before doing inversions or getting crazy on the dance floor.  This item is made in medium weight  organic cotton jersey and is really breathable.  The other items below are made in a nice quality thin rayon material  that are hand batikd in traditional Bali style.  Super light weight for those little desert dance parties. There is only one size as they are adjustable to fit most sizes.  More colors coming soon with the shipibo print texture.  They also have a small coconut wood button at the bottom of each leg to button up the pant leg a bit or can be let down to flow down fully.