Cross Over Hoodie

The Cross Over Hoodie is a stylie hoodie with lots of  wandering panels seamingly organized and connected!  It features a variety of unfinished edges and stitching details.  It has 2 front inside pockets and an outside patch pocket.  The hood is slightly over sized to create the cross over lazy effect.   This hoodie feels good on.  The fit is snug and the material allows for excellent movability.  Its  currently made in 2 different materials.  The first pics are of a waffle cotton fabric we had pigment dyed into a nice earthy olive green and another in deep purple.  The other material we made them in is a thin baby terri cotton fabric.  In that material we made plain black  color and a rusty brownish stone washed  color.   Lots of energy goes in to making each piece.  We hope  you fit in one well for your journey~

Sizes  S,  M,  L,  XL